The Concept of William Okpo started on a damn plane ride!

19 and 23 we decided to start William Okpo. In this picture we were on a family vacation in Nigeria , Lizzy had us on a hunt for some fabric that she was traditionally not supposed to use, but she was determined. Til this day I still don’t know what she wanted to make out of it. Story of my life with my sister. She talked my ears off for ten whole hours on the plane about starting William okpo.

The concept of William Okpo started on a damn plane ride and was inspired by a trip to Nigeria and among other things. We launched the brand in 2010, this year makes 5 years!! That’s 1825 days, 43,800 hours ( I’m having a moment, but y’all get the point) of hard work and never giving up. We design collections in our sleep, this is part of our DNA. We built great friendships along the way and the support we have is unreal. We just want to say thank you.




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