I reconcile deeper with darkness and light

I reconcile deeper with darkness and light. Darkness and Light is directing towards the Universe’s natural balance, Yin Yang, masculine and feminine polarities. I know what country my ancestors come from, the powerful land of Africa, but I also know were I came from before I was even born, where our ancestors are existing right […]

Distant relatives I finally got to meet.

The Ma’Ati nation meets the Mursi nation. Finally in a place I began to understand myself. If this pic moves you, please go to the Rift and Omo Valley yourself. These beautiful civilizations, which we’re racing to have again, are under threat due to “development” and destructive tourism practices. Those in the Diaspora have the […]

She left a six figure salary job to pursue her dreams, here are 20 insights she used to fight her fears.

By AMA KARIKARI-YAWSON Are you ready to become the person that you were born to be? It is 2016 and I’m sure that you have your list of resolutions. You may be interested in losing weight, starting a business, expanding a business, switching careers, leaving an abusive spouse, having/adopting a child, or moving to a […]

In Lagos, Everyone Is Trying To Hammer, And The Nail Is Bent (edited)

If Nigeria were a walking, talking, human being, Lagos would be it’s heart, beating profusely to the ribcage-shattering pound of all the people living inside it, desperately trying to reach one aim- to hammer. Hammer — To make it- riches, money, cars, social status or influence. To Hammer is to gain anything tangible that will take you […]

Why the obsession with black narratives of oppression?

​​I recently emailed the VP of my school this: “Furthermore, educational societies are obsessed with black narratives of oppression. There are always lectures, discussions, or events on race, crime, capitalism, gender, etc…Emmanuel College is obsessed with discussing black misfortune without an action plan to make structural changes on a campus or societal level. As we continue conversations […]

There is bliss when all Africans connect

It’s beautiful how being African can create such a strong representation of one’s self. I believe that when someone identifies themselves as African, they recognize where they are from but also declare that they are changing what it means to be “African”. There are many critics that say that being a part of the diaspora […]