The returnee series: From Barnard to Lagos, Nigeria; a young Feminist’s wahala

“Africa needs you and in time, you’ll need Africa too.” How does it feel to be back home after years of college? It’s really very much of a mixed feeling. It’s exciting and interesting, I missed the food and family. At the same time, it feels a bit too much at times because there a lot […]

Education initiative for girls in Ghana

What is GEIG? GEIG is the girls education initiative of Ghana. We are a non profit/non governmental organization with a mission to provide academic and financial support for girls, including applicants with special needs, so they may access higher education and professional opportunities. We currently support 12 students from the greater Accra and Ashanti regions. […]

It’s Not All Hashtags & Likes: 20 Survival Tips for Black Woman Entrepreneurs (Part I)

In the spirit of #BlackGirlMagic, I’m sure it’s no surprise that the fastest growing demographic to become entrepreneurs is BLACK WOMEN. Yes, I’m serious. According to Fortune Magazine, the number of women entrepreneurs increased 74% from 1997-2015. The number of African-American women entrepreneurs has increased 322%. We are out here killing it. Madame CJ Walker would be PROUD!

It’s Not All Hashtags & Likes: 20 Survival Tips for the Black Woman Entrepreneur (Part II)

“Perception is everything. Be sure you publicly align yourself with entities that share or enhance your personal vision.” Welcome Back! I hope you enjoyed Items 1-10. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, please STOP what you’re doing and read it HERE. Here’s a quick recap of Part I: Know Thyself Develop Your Leadership […]