I reconcile deeper with darkness and light

I reconcile deeper with darkness and light

I reconcile deeper with darkness and light.

Darkness and Light is directing towards the Universe’s natural balance, Yin Yang, masculine and feminine polarities. I know what country my ancestors come from, the powerful land of Africa, but I also know were I came from before I was even born, where our ancestors are existing right now.
By saying I reconcile deeper with darkness and light than with black and white, it is depicting that I know my true place of origin, not of this society, beyond the psychical, beyond our usual senses.
In my art I take my people to other realms. The tranquil place you reach when meditating, the overwhelming sensation of sensuality and unconditional love you experience either through self love or with another soul mate, the eternal gratitude you feel for the earth on the days you entirely realize you are here Now.
When you feel you’ve finally opened your eyes. They are fleeting moments, but when there feels as if it is your true state, you’r perceiving the world within highest self.
We live in a world now where the spiritual efforts practiced by our ancestors are becoming forgotten, disease, anger, hunger, fear and separation have plagued the Earth.
My creations serve to inform us all of the power within, shake ourselves free off from the patriarchal standards of behavior and beauty, and realize again the primordial energy we come from.
When knowing this we are truly able to live, with this knowledge we will know how to treat each other, heal each other, love each other, heal ourselves, our depressions, our indulgences..
 Tesfaye is a painter vowed to igniting the sacred inner Goddess in all woman, awakening our third eyes with her visuals, leading the rebellion to the true revolution, and healing our people, one paint stroke at a time.



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