This Beautiful Apology to Black People around the Diaspora Will Literally Give You Goosebumps

On behalf of my people who sold their own for money, I’m sorry. I grew up ignoring much of black history bc I swore it didn’t pertain to me. Until the day came that my father taught me how my own tribe, thick in the advancements of trade and business development, was one of the largest and successful spots for slavers….

The returnee series: From Barnard to Lagos, Nigeria; a young Feminist’s wahala

“Africa needs you and in time, you’ll need Africa too.” How does it feel to be back home after years of college? It’s really very much of a mixed feeling. It’s exciting and interesting, I missed the food and family. At the same time, it feels a bit too much at times because there a lot […]

In Lagos, Everyone Is Trying To Hammer, And The Nail Is Bent (edited)

If Nigeria were a walking, talking, human being, Lagos would be it’s heart, beating profusely to the ribcage-shattering pound of all the people living inside it, desperately trying to reach one aim- to hammer. Hammer — To make it- riches, money, cars, social status or influence. To Hammer is to gain anything tangible that will take you […]