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We are a collective of young Africans, Black Americans and Caribbeans from the continent and in the Diaspora, unified in our belief that “Until the lion learns to speak, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”


We curate events, create spaces for cultural exchange and social dialogue, celebrate diversity, innovation and ideas.


Our Spring through Summer “Afropolitan Insights” series is deigned to create a space for young people of color in New York City to discuss, share, engage on pressing social issues in our communities. Each series features a Dj or guest artist.


BREAKOUT 2.0 is a monthly sponsored Loft party and artist showcase series curated to highlight the next wave of poets, musicians, djs and artists in New York City. The series usually features “must know” artists or those on the verge of BREAKOUT.


“Afropolitan Bash,” our live music shows will be featuring in different states as day long brunch/ideas/music showcases. They might take on festival formats or as Saturday night shows with add-on Dj sessions. Formats are city dependent.


We are excited to collaborate with producers of the African Food Festival and Ankara Showcase in NYC. Our work also focuses on cultural exchange, especially activities that overlap with African, Black and Caribbean cultures.


Our role in helping to facilitate the AfrikCan Festival and Aputumpu Festivals, are steps towards building a platform to ensure recognition and exposure for up and coming artists of color in their scenes.


We are excited to collaborate with producers of the Pan-African Entrepreneurship and Tech week in NYC to create an exciting space for dialogue, discovery, ideas and innovation in ways that can advance the cause of creators of color.

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