Opinion: On Africans Playing Black Historical Figures in Film

In case you didn’t know, Harriet Tubman, champion of the Underground Railroad, is a legendary figure in Black history. Many Black people in America became experts on Tubman and her legacy as students, when they presented about her undying heroism through PowerPoint  and tri-fold board presentations—myself included. Harriet Tubman is practically a staple in Black […]

Brett Kavanaugh, Anita Hill, and How Political Authority Complicates the #MeToo Movement

Back in 1991, long before the speeches and hashtags of the #MeToo movement, Anita Hill, a black woman from Lone Tree, Oklahoma, came forward to report that then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had sexually harassed her while she was working at the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Thomas served as […]

The Tennis World Loves to Hate Serena Williams’ Body

Remember when Serena Williams stepped out in this stunning catsuit at the French Open earlier this year? Fans praised the Williams sister for her bold elegance, and confidence, as she set foot on the court. The tennis legend and new mom now had a the attire to match both of these superhero-like titles. Not only […]

The Democratic Party Needs To Do More For Voters Of Color.

I see a lot of posts thanking black women and men for #NoMoore. And I totally get it, we are relieved that a racist, bigoted, pedophile didn’t end up in the Senate. Although these posts are well-meaning celebrations, it is incumbent upon us to remember that black women and men didn’t vote for Doug Jones […]