Oh Kanye, if you don’t have anything smart to say, don’t say anything at all.

This weekend, Kanye West, donning his now signature ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, once again graced the social media stage. This time, Ye made headlines for Tweeting that the 13th amendment should be abolished. The tweet, which includes an image of Kanye wearing his favorite hat reads in full: “This represents good and America becoming […]

The Tennis World Loves to Hate Serena Williams’ Body

Remember when Serena Williams stepped out in this stunning catsuit at the French Open earlier this year? Fans praised the Williams sister for her bold elegance, and confidence, as she set foot on the court. The tennis legend and new mom now had a the attire to match both of these superhero-like titles. Not only […]

The Curious Case of Black Women Explaining Racism to White People Who Seem to be Hearing but Aren’t Listening.

This is a fascinating discussion not just because the co-hosts are essentially denying that racism exists (despite proof of it), but there are also the attempts to silence a person’s experience by not allowing them to fully speak their truth.