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A New Way to Clean House

KISAFI, a new startup, is taking its on-demand cleaning services across Africa...

Fees Must Fall: A Voice of Change in South Africa

Meet 21 year-old Gigi Lamayne. At first glance, she may appear to be your average college student. But she also happens to be one of South Africa’s hottest rising hip-hop stars. [embed][/embed] As a student at Wits University in Johannesburg, Gigi Lamayne finds herself at the center...

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Africans should be allowed to take the lead on trade in their countries

Like many great things that come from Africa, we rarely get the credit for the work that is done here. Our designs, our hard work, and our initiatives, are often attributed to our saviors overseas. Although we appreciate the support brought in from foreign organizations,...

“An Afropolitan Renaissance.”

After years of fighting negative stereotypes about Africa, especially through Western news cycles, a generation of passionate Afrocentrists are finally doing something about it. A new wave of actors and allies are taking on the responsibility of representing African cultures, values, identity and heritage, and...