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Femly founder Arion Long is making her mark in the feminine care space.
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10 Feb Femly Box, A New Take on Feminine Care

From makeup to grooming products, monthly subscription boxes have long since lost the new-kind-on-the-block title. Now, one entrepreneur is leaving her mark on this space by providing a subscription service for organic alternatives to essential feminine care products through the Femly box.

For Arion Long, the inspiration to found The Femly box came from her own personal experiences. “I remember waking up at 4a.m on Thanksgiving in 2015, and suddenly realizing that it was my ‘time of the month,’ but I didn’t have any of the products I used,” she says. “To make matters worse, I was in the midst of a year-long battle with an irregular cycle and was convinced there should have been a delivery service for feminine care so that women could have what they need on demand.” Research revealed that some of the components in conventional products had been linked to endometriosis, fibroids, cancer, and infertility. She then developed Femly, a combination of “feminine” and “family” to provide a service for women “seeking a healthier alternative, accessibility to natural feminine/body care at affordable price points, and the convenience of not having to remember to purchase products.”

Now a few months old, Femly is setting itself up to join the likes of established services like Hello Flo and The Period Store in the feminine care space. We caught up with Long to learn more about her service and what the future holds for her.

  1. How does your business model work?

Femly subscribers sign up for our subscription service and pay either $19.99 monthly for our Standard Box or $29.99 monthly for our Deluxe box. We also offer one-time “Welcome to Motherhood” and “My First Period” gift-boxes that are $49.99 and great for new and expecting moms, and young women alike.

  1. What’s contained in a typical Femly box?

It differs depending on the box. For instance, the Standard Femly Box includes a custom mix of feminine care items chosen by the subscriber, and one freebie item that we handpick. The Deluxe Femly Box includes a custom mix of feminine care items in addition to three to four handpicked items, ranging from body care to organic snacks to curb period cravings to cramp relief items. We also have more specialized gift boxes: Our “Welcome to Motherhood” boxes include natural products for breastfeeding, organic snacks, and items for the baby. The “My First Period” box is designed to include everything young women need to navigate their journey into womanhood, like carrying cases for their pads, lip balm, and body care items, in addition to basics like pads and tampons.

  1. Why are organic feminine care products important for women?

Organic feminine products are important for women because they support feminine health. The tissue and membranes surrounding your intimate parts are some of the most absorbent on the human body, and anything that is placed on or inside can easily wreak havoc on your vaginal PH, hormones, and more. There’s been a huge shift in society that pushes people to ditch plastic in favor of healthier options like glass because most plastic contains cancer-causing BPA. What many women don’t realize is that the same BPA in plastic water bottles is also in the plastic applicators of conventional products, in addition to nylon, which bacteria love to grown on, and other chemicals like pesticides that can cause major illnesses. Organic products are great because they are made using 100 percent cotton, which is absorbent and doesn’t leave fibers behind. They don’t cause allergic reactions, are more comfortable and naturally conform to your body shape, and are healthier than toxin-filled products.

  1. According to your site, Femly partners with nonprofits that help women and families in need of support. Can you tell us a bit about these partnerships?

I am a huge advocate for all women, especially women in need. I am one of six children raised by a grandmother who instilled a strong value for serving my community, and giving back. One of the most notable ways we do that is by partnering with local and national organizations that support women and families facing issues like illness, homelessness, and domestic violence.

We partner with “Goodie Girl Bags,” which is a non-profit that provides gently-used bras, feminine care products, and under-donated items to women in need. I personally love hands-on service, which we do through feeding the homeless on site in Washington, DC shelters. These are causes near and dear to my heart so I enjoy taking every opportunity to donate financially or with service. After all, it truly does take a village and I’m looking forward to great events and opportunities in the very near future.

  1. What do you see in the future for Femly?

As we look forward to 2017 and beyond, I hope to reach even more women across the country, and hopefully offer our services in Canada and other territories. My support for women’s wellness, and alternative accessibility is never-ending, but I know that Femly will be the game-changer and evoke a serious change in the way we deal with our periods. Every woman deserves to have access to products that are healthy. I hope to branch out and partner with organizations that share our mission, and look forward to utilizing daytime interviews, charitable events, and more to reach every woman in need.

To learn more about The Femly Box and its subscription service, please visit femlybox.com.