Black Panther and Neocolonialism in Africa

When China invests, trades, and pledges hundreds of billions of dollars to Africa, it is effectively buying the continent. It is buying African resources. It is establishing itself as the dominant power in a land that is not its own. It is asserting control and exploiting African workers. Instead of allowing Africa to simply exchange hands from one imperialist power to another, Black Americans should intercept this economic jump ball.

Here are 11 reasons Why We are Freaking Out About the Jollof Festival

Feedback from last year’s Jollof Festival in both D.C. and New York was overwhelmingly positive. With old favorites returning and new activities being added, we have every reason to believe this year will only be more epic

Real Life No Wakanda. A real life demo of how Europeans looted African art.

The dispersal of the Benin art to museums around the world catalysed the beginnings of a long and slow European reassessment of the value of West African art. The Benin art was copied and the style integrated into the art of many European artists and thus had a strong influence on the early formation of modernism in Europe.

This Beautiful Apology to Black People around the Diaspora Will Literally Give You Goosebumps

On behalf of my people who sold their own for money, I’m sorry. I grew up ignoring much of black history bc I swore it didn’t pertain to me. Until the day came that my father taught me how my own tribe, thick in the advancements of trade and business development, was one of the largest and successful spots for slavers….

Wakanda Taught Me: My Biggest Takeaway from Black Panther

I keep seeing shady posts about how we could have built Wakanda instead of paying to see a movie about it but the gag is there are microcosms of Wakandan creativity, leadership and innovation as well as Killmonger’s self-determination in every ‘urban’ city.

The Curious Case of Black Women Explaining Racism to White People Who Seem to be Hearing but Aren’t Listening.

This is a fascinating discussion not just because the co-hosts are essentially denying that racism exists (despite proof of it), but there are also the attempts to silence a person’s experience by not allowing them to fully speak their truth.